October 17, 2011

Fundraising Update

A little update on our adoption funding...

We have several fundraisers lined up that we are very excited about.
  • Oct 22nd is the Crowfield Fall Festival and 5k Run/Walk. We have our information in 1000 of their goody bags!
  • October 22nd & 23rd we will be at the Faith Family Fun Fair. We will have our fundraising tree and a raffle.
  • November 5th & 6th is our adoption garage sale at Barfields Appliance. (We are still looking for donated items.)
  • November we will be fundraising through our church ministry Genesis.
  • December 10th All is Well Pet Store in Summerville is letting us hold a Dog Wash. Bring your dog out and we'll give them a beautifying bath for just $10!
  • January 14th we'll be hosting a pancake breakfast at Applebees. Yum! Tickets are $6 for all you can eat pancakes.

I also want to include a breakdown of our adoption financial goals. I would like you to feel included and know where your money is going if you have donated. I have broken our adoption down into 4 different goals. Each goal gets us to the next big step in the adoption.

  1. $7,500 -This will pay the first of our agency fees, cover our home study, and allow us to get all the necessary documents for our dossier.
    2.   $4,500 -This is for our second agency fee and fees to complete our dossier and have it sent to Ethiopia. After this step we will officially be a waiting family!

    3.  $9,700 -This will be paid upon acceptance of our referral. We will receive Kade's picture and all medical/background information the agency has. I can not wait to see his sweet face!
4.  $10,000 -Our last financial need will be going towards our travel. We are required to fly twice to Ethiopia, once for court and then to bring Kade home. Airfare its not cheap, but he is so worth it! :)

Thank you so much for following our journey to bring sweet Kade into our family!

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  1. HI Ashton
    My name is Marian Hoffman. I live on James Island and I am an Independent Scentsy COnsultant. Scentsy is a flameless candle system. This is a beautiful product and I would like to speak with you about doing a fundraiser with my product to contribute to your cause. Please contact me through my website if you are interested in discussing this more.