June 07, 2012

Month 1: Our 1st Care Package

Our first care package and officially one month of having our referral...how exciting! Theres no big news to share other than we're being patient while our Power of Attorney and Consent to Adopt are being legalized by the DRC embassy in Washington and our lawyer in Congo is working on getting paperwork filed with the municipality to start or court process. So we wait patiently knowing that God has every detail under His control.

However, we did get some exciting news when we were told the two international directors from Lifeline would be traveling to Congo in June and had agreed to make room for a few care packages in their luggage. (YAY!!) They gave us one stipulation, the "package" had to be in a gallon sized ziploc bag!! How in the world was I going to fit everything I wanted to give our little girl in a ziploc bag?! It was tough and the bag was about to bust!!
 We sent her:
-2 dresses
-Headbands, Bows & Barrets
-Hello Kitty Chapstick
-Bracelets & Necklaces
-Mini lotions
-A Thirty-One Bag to carry her goodies in
-A Picture Clutch with pictures of us
-Pink Glow Seahorse
(Kipton has a blue one and doesn’t sleep without it. I wanted to get her a small baby doll, but when I saw the pink seahorse all I could picture was her holding it at night while it lit up the dark orphanage and played sweet music that would lull her to sleep. Bless. My. Soul. There were some tears in Target.)


There are about 30 children at her orphanage.  Most of the items I sent will become communal and thats A-ok with me...hopefully the boys dont have aversions to bows and costume jewelry. ;) I also wrote a note to the orphanage director (in French!) thanking her for caring for our little girl until we can bring her home.

I'm hoping they'll be able to get some more pictures and possibly even a video while they're visiting. Keep Lifeline in your prayers as these directors travel to extend Lifeline's care of the fatherless. One month down only 7-9 more to go....hopefully less!!!


  1. Soo exciting! Yall did a great job on her package! I can just imagine her face and all the other childrens faces when she opens it! I cant wait to see pictures of her Im dying to see what she looks like! This is all soo exciting!

  2. Seriously, I am going to have to have you come over and help me pack when we go to China!! I have no idea how you managed to get ALL of those goodies in a gallon ziploc!! You are quite a pro!! I love that she will be sleeping with the "same" seahorse as her brother - I am a little teary-eyed myself :) I am guessing that this post means that the package got to Lifeline in time to go to Congo?? Thank you for the sweet shout-out on your other post. Meeting y'all was most definitely a DIVINE APPOINTMENT!!! Love, Jenni