July 29, 2012

And We're Back...

I have been a bit out of the bloggy loop latlely because being a mom to two little ones is much more time consuming than just one. (Yes, I said two…we have a foster son!) On top of my newly busy schedule, our computers wireless capabilities decided to bite the dust, so being connected to the internet has been a bit of a challenge.
I do have a couple of amazingly awesome tidbits to share…
1. We have obtained our first required piece of paper in Congo…our Consent To Adopt was issued on July 19th! YAY! Now we can move forward with the first judgement and 30 day wait period. Baby steps.
2. Our baby boy we’re adopting via domestic adoption is officially in the third trimester! Not much longer at all.
3. This is a biggie!! We have been selected to be the featured family on Give1Save1 Africa for the week of August 6th!! Super exciting!
What is Give1Save1 you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Give1Save1 was started on the premise of helping adopting families raise funds for their adoptions. The thought was not everyone has a lot of money to give away, but everyone can spare just one dollar. The week we will be featured, they will have a little write up about our family, pictures of us and an awesome video of our adoption story that our friends at Dreampop Media helped us create. Our hope is that everyone who views our video will donate $1 (or more) to help raise money to bring our kiddos home. Those dollars will add up. I mean if 15,000 people viewed our video and all gave just one dollar we would be fully funded!! What an amazing feeling that would be, knowing that your dollar went that far!
We’re also going to need your assistance in helping us get the video viral. We hope you’ll partner with us to share the video through facebook, twitter, youtube, your blog, your email lists, any way you can think of. We would appreciate your help more than you even know!
I’ll keep you updated as to any other progress we make and be looking out for more posts as we get closer to our Give1Save1 dates.

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