January 09, 2013

Don't Let Money Stop You

When talking about adoption one of the biggest hurdles families face before they dive in is money.

Where is the money going to come from? Not a lot of people have 10-40thousand dollars sitting in their bank account and I want you to know thats ok!! You do not have to be rich to adopt. You just need a desire to bring a child into your home and the rest will follow.

How much does adoption cost? It really depends on the type of adoption you choose. Our domestic newborn adoption for Kade cost us $13,455. An adoption from Congo is going to average us about $28,000. The adoption of our foster son is going to cost absolutely nothing because if you did not already know, adoption through foster care is FREE!! See, there are a variety of budgets in the adoption world so you have the choice to decide which route is best for your family financially.

For us we did a lot of fundraisers. We sold items on craigslist, hosted several garage sales, pancake breakfasts, dog washes and raffles. Get creative with it and have fun. The more creative you are the more people will want to get involved and help out! We also used our income tax returns, our savings and sold one of our vehichles. Another big contributor for us was through applying for adoption grants. We applied to 12 grant organizations and were awarded 4 different grants totalling $13,500! That was completely worth spending 30 minutes on a grant application.

No matter the cost of the adoption it is doable! There are many that have gone before you who would love to offer assistance and guidance. Don't hesitate to ask if you want to talk more!!

Here are two current examples of families getting creative. Check them out and give a dollor or two to encourage them in their wait!

1. My friend Lindsy is also adopting from Congo. She has a crazy cool story and an even cooler fundraiser to go along with it. Check it out HERE. Beware: it's a bit hairy!

2. Angie is a mama of three boys and is bringing home 2 more boys from China! Check out their weekly fundraiser HERE. Also check out their super creative video!

Get creative and get your adoption wheels rolling!! Too many kiddos are waiting in limbo while you are worried about money. Just have faith and jump in! I promise they are worth it!!


  1. I'd love to hear which grants you received. We are fundraising for our China adoption.

  2. We received grants from Show Hope, Gift of Adoption, Hand in Hand and Families Outreach. :)