January 19, 2012


Sacrifice (noun) : To give up something you love for something you love more.

This adoption has brought with it lots of sacrifices. We have been stretched and refined on what things are important to us in life and we’ve come to the raw conclusion that we have to make major sacrifices in order to complete this journey God has laid upon our hearts.

Ways which we have sacrificed:
1. I no longer get my nails done & go quite a few months in between hair cuts. This may not seem like a huge sacrifice, but for anyone who knows me knows I’ve had my nails done and hair highlighted on a regular basis since I was 12! Now I’ve opted for no nails and no coloring of my hair, just a trim here and there. (Sorry if I look a bit atrocious)
2. Trey cuts his own hair! :) And still manages to look overly handsome.
3. We eat out (a lot) less. And if we do eat out it is super cheap and normally with a gift card or coupon.
4. We drive less to save money on gas.
5. Our closets are not filled with the latest trends. Honestly the majority of our clothes are way past their prime.
6. The furbabies of the family are eating cheaper food (sorry guys) and their grooming appointments have been pretty much nonexistent. We no longer have poodles, but just mounds of fluff. ;)
7. Our home is normally quite cool, due to us trying to save our electric bill.
8. Christmas was very slim and we haven’t bought gifts for each others birthdays or anniversaries. (Don’t freak…yes, Kipton will get a few gifts for his birthday)
9. We have sold every valuable and invaluable possession we owned.
10. We are currently selling our 2nd vehicle.

When we talk about sacrifice with other Americans, they are baffled as to why we would give up some of our luxuries just to help that one (or two) orphan(s) in Africa. They just can't fathom.

This is my response to that....
We are sacrificing our dining out and grocery budget, but we are not sacrificing food for an entire day just so our children can have one hot meal.

We will sacrifice our health and beauty routines, but there are families losing their children and children loosing parents because they don't have access adequate health care.

We are sacrificing our home temperature a few degrees and our 2nd car, but we are not sacrificing the hours it takes to walk to the nearest village with safe drinking water.

We are sacrificing our trendy clothing when there are people in Congo who are living daily without any clothes at all.

Our sacrifices may seem extreme to some Americans, but to us we would gladly sacrifice it all for the children of Congo.

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.
Matthew 10:39


  1. Love this! So true - the sacrifices are worth it, and having God's perspective makes things that were so important no longer necessary! So excited for you guys!

  2. Are are truly "walking the walk" - -not just talking. I am proud to have had the opportunity to follow your journey. Blessings to all

  3. I agree with Teresa. God tells us to be doers of the word and not just hearers. You guys are pursuing Christ through these sacrifices and that is so amazing. You guys inspire us!

  4. God will bless your sacrifices! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am currently researching agencies that can help me adopt from the DRC. Can you private message me at arbolton@gmail.com so I can ask you a couple questions about your agency and your experience? I want to make sure I pick an ethical agency that treats people fairly, is honest, and is experienced in arranging Congolese adoptions. Thank you so much.

  6. Hey there! I just found your blog through Chelsie Denson. I'm so excited to follow your journey! We too have a heart for Africa and hope to someday adopt from there!! God bless you guys!