January 06, 2012

Ready to be Waiting

I am not very good at waiting. I've realized this and prepared myself that waiting for our referrals would be hard and then once we get our referrals waiting to unite our family was going to be harder. I was prepared to be waiting.

Waiting was the exact spot I thought we were in. We have our completed home study, I've renewed my passport, we're diligently completing our education, 2 agency fees have been paid and we filed for approval with immigration. Everything on my list was checked off. I was just waiting to hear that our paperwork was sent to DRC over the Christmas holiday. Finally we'd be done with the initial process and waiting to see pictures of our babe with big brown eyes and smooth mocha skin.

I was ready to wait.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the waiting won't happen as quick as I'd assumed. There seems to be a little (or not so little) fee I overlooked when I planned out our fundraising tactics. We now are required to pay a fee for our lawyer in Congo before we can officially make the waitlist. The fee covers his time and expertise in finding children who would be a good fit in our family. Once we are matched this fee enables him to start the paperwork process and request court dates, medical exams, etc. The fee($3400) is definitely necessary, just a little unplanned for.

While celebrating on New Years, I was sure this would be the year our family would grow. Kade being home in 2012 was looking like a definite possibility. Now with this little speed bump I'm not so sure. Would you please consider donating to our adoption so that we will officially be waiting for Kade?? The quicker we get the fee paid the better chance we have of making 2012 our adoption year!

Ways to help raise $3400 quickly...
1) Donate (even if it's just $5)
2) Share our blog on your FB, twitter, email and other social networking sites
3) Pray, pray, pray!

I still dream of us traveling to Congo before the year is up. Help us make it a reality!


  1. Ashton, sometimes I am behind, but I try to make a point to read all of your posts, and I just want you all to know that we are praying! And will do our best to support in other ways too. I love the statement in one of your posts that "what moves the heart of God will move the heart of His people" and this is SO true. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment! We are excited! Good luck on your journey! We will be praying for you as well! could you tell me where you got your header?

  3. Are you with Lifeline in Birmingham? We are one document away from finalizing our homestudy for adoption in the Congo with Lifeline. This post made me catch my breath because of the lawyer fee you mentioned. If you are indeed with Lifeline, this not a fee we are aware of to be on the waitlist. Email me at lori.s.thornton@gmail.com and let me know, if you have time. Thanks!

  4. Lori- I sent you an email. We are with Lifeline.

  5. Elizabeth- A dear friends at bon blog designs created it for me. :)