December 31, 2011

Our Year in Pictures

A glimpse of our year through snapshots...

Kipton's Baby Shower

 Family Trip to Disney World
(while 8 1/2 months pregnant!)

 Maternity Pictures

Waiting for Kipton

 Best Moment Ever

Proud Mama

Our 1st Family Pictures


So little he could fit in the sink

Easter 2011

Pure Sugar

Mothers Day 2011
Kipton's Dedication

3 Months 

On the way to a Kenny Chesney concert!
Trey surprised me and we had our first night out of town.

Summer Weekends At The Lake

Hanging Out With Dad At The New Business

Trying New Things

6 Months

It's Official

 Watch Out Ladies

 Halloween 2011

 Family Night Out

 My Step-Sister Got Hitched

 Weekly Girl Time With My BFF

 Celebrating My 23rd Birthday

Christmas Tree Farm

Merry Christmas 2011

My Little Elf On The Beach

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. -Edith L. Pierce

Happy 2012 Everyone!!

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